Trinity House

Trinity House provides housing and support services to individuals who are HIV positive or infected with AIDS and reside in the New Orleans Eligibility Metropolitan Area (NOEMA) of southeast Louisiana, which consists of the following seven (7) parishes: Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, St. John the Baptist, and St. Charles.

Trinity House offers homeless individuals a safe-haven from the outdoor elements, crime, and unsanitary conditions. It offers a clean and comfortable place to live with three nutritional meals daily in a health-promoting environment. It also provides individuals with a physical address at which to receive mail, and a phone number that enables friends and family to contact them. At the service delivery level, it provides clients with a stable place to live while receiving needed social services. Services can be received only on an available basis. However, any individual who meets requirements can request an assessment at any time from Trinity House’s PCA Manager for possible future openings.

Studies show that there is a gap that exists in housing services for people living with HIV/AIDS. Many homeless people with HIV/AIDS report that they miss medical appointments due to a lack of transportation, which often results from having no address or stable living environment from which transportation can be coordinated. It also results from not having the financial means to access transportation. In addition, many homeless individuals report substance abuse problems, but are often unable to stabilize in a suitable living environment while awaiting placement into an outpatient program. Placement can take thirty days or longer. This often creates a major barrier to treatment and may even prolong untreated substance use.

Contact information:
Phone: 504-947-4100
Phone: 504-566-7955